Hispanic Yellow Pages cancelled celebration for coronavirus

In response to recommendations from the Philadelphia Health Department, the Hispanic Media Publishing Group decided to suspend an event scheduled for Thursday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Hispanic Yellow Pages product.

The decision is in line with the advice the City has issued about avoiding mass meetings that could create an environment favorable to encouraging the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 that recently arrived in Philadelphia.

Ricardo Hurtado, Hispanic Media’s CEO, along with the advisory group that accompanies him, has considered it an obligation to the community and part of the company’s responsibility to follow the recommendations given by the Health Department.

So far, it is not clear the reprogramming of this activity which has been suspended. The publishing group will keep its clients, readers, relations and friends informed through its many communication channels of any news that needs to be released.

About Hispanic Media Yellow Pages

It is a directory of companies, services and meeting space, the main source of information that customers use when they are ready to make a purchase. Its lower costs and broader range associated with advertising make it a much more attractive advertising medium. Hispanic Yellow Page is a media that is constantly reinventing itself to provide consumers not only with a business guide but also with an informative window on interesting topics.

About Hispanic Media LLC

Hispanic Media LLC is a business organization with strengths in creating editorial content from diverse sources, published in traditional media and also on different digital platforms. It has more than 29 years in the media field with offices in Miami, Philadelphia and Bogotá. It is the publishing firm of El Sol Latino Newspaper, Latinas Life Style and Estylo Magazine. It is able to satisfy the needs of clients who wish to promote media messages in the form of audio, video, digital, print and event marketing.

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